How Global Edtech Startups Scale and Succeed


Founding a startup is a challenging venture no matter the industry, but the education technology landscape can be especially difficult to navigate for fledgling businesses. 

EdSurge sat down with founders and CEOs from early-stage edtech startups from all over the globe to learn what measures they’re taking to scale their new businesses in target markets and at an ideal pace. We talked to companies in the Netherlands, United States, Singapore, China and India, and we hope their advice is helpful for other entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in education.

In these videos you’ll learn: 

  • How to thrive in the edtech ecosystem in different global markets 
  • How to better understand end users and local legislation
  • How to take on the unique challenges of working in K-12 and higher education 
  • How working with the right edtech accelerators can propel your business toward success

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Meet the Founders

Digital Project and Operations Manager, EdSurge

Liana is part of the EdSurge Solutions Studio team. Previously, she was a researcher on youth and politics at USC, Community Manager at Connected Camps, and Program Associate at the National Writing Project. She is also a published author and holds a Ph.D. in Sociology. 

Host: Liana Gamber-Thompson

Founder and CEO of mytaptrack 

mytaptrack is a U.S.-based company that supports a completely customizable new way for special needs parents, schools and doctors to monitor exceptionally unique children. Clicking the device sends a message through the cloud to a HIPAA & FERPA-compliant mytaptrack online platform where behavior data can be charted and shared between parents, schools and doctors in real time with the goal of helping special needs students succeed in the classroom.

Nikody Keating

Founder of Tueetor

Tueetor is a self-serve, automated, location-based platform where learners, trainers, education providers and merchants can discover, interact and engage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thousands of courses across more than 500 subject areas can be found on the platform, which has a significant user base in Asia.

Han Sing Tan

Founder and CEO of ProctorExam

ProctorExam is the leading European online proctoring company, offering a web-based infrastructure for remote exams. ProctorExam allows candidates to take control of their education and organizations to provide more flexibility in a cost-effective, scalable way by removing the need for the exam taker to be in a testing facility.  

Daniel Haven

CEO and Co-Founder of MobLab

MobLab produces interactive games and experiments for learning economics, business, and other social science lessons. MobLab's mobile-friendly teaching platform builds higher level decision making while actively engaging students. Students use their own mobile device or laptop to turn the classroom into a lab, while instructors can easily track attendance and participation.

Walter Yuan

Co-founder of PlayShifu

PlayShifu offers a range of immersive, educational games, including Shifu Orboot, a best-selling smart AR globe that helps kids learn more about the people, places, heritage and culture of different world regions, along with AR gaming system, Shifu Plugo, and AR-supported magnetic figurines, Shifu Minglings.

Vivek Goyal

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