How Microcredentials Can Boost Professional Learning


Hosted By EdSurge Founder Betsy Corcoran  

Microcredentials provide an opportunity for educators to pursue focused professional learning at their own pace, and on their own schedules. But they also raise a lot of questions for teachers and schools. 

It’s an exciting and daunting topic. Join us for an online panel discussion covering what you need to know and how to make the most of microcredentials.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:  

How can teachers make the most of these opportunities?

How can teachers understand the value of microcredentials for their own personal learning?

How rigorous of an assessment is involved and is there a common definition or evaluation process?

Meet our Panelists

Founder & CEO, EdSurge

Betsy previously worked as Executive Editor for technology coverage at Forbes Media and an award-winning staff writer for the Washington Post and Scientific American.

Host: Betsy Corcoran

Learning Strategies Consultant, D2L

Christopher works with higher education institutions across the globe to optimize student success and institutional effectiveness. Prior to joining D2L, Christopher served as a faculty member, researcher and administrator at the Johns Hopkins University's School of Education, at the University of California, Berkeley and at the School of Education at the University of Florida.

Christopher Sessums

Professional Learning Services Manager, Michigan Virtual

Justin is an enthusiastic leader dedicated to ensuring a high-quality, modern and efficient learning experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. Justin’s past experiences include serving as Senior Research & Policy Associate with MVLRI, as well as working as an 8th-grade social studies teacher in his home state of Louisiana.

Justin Bruno

Director of Online Professional Learning, Michigan Virtual

For over 15 years Ken Dirkin has been revolutionizing education by creating technology solutions in education to help humans be better humans. Working with virtual worlds, mobile apps, new media and web, Ken is driven to decrease physical barriers in education and make learning more engaging and equitable. 

Ken Dirkin

Director of Educator Microcredentials, Digital Promise

Jennifer comes to Digital Promise from KIPP LA Schools, a high-performing charter management organization in Los Angeles, where she managed corporate and foundation relationships and led external engagement efforts to ensure the schools and students have the tools they need to succeed. Previously, she worked at two Washington, D.C. think tanks, the New America Foundation and Urban Institute, researching and writing about federal education funding, policy, and reform.

Jennifer Kabaker

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