How Social-Emotional Learning Really Affects Students: 
A 360-Degree Perspective for School Leaders


Everybody’s talking about SEL these days, but what does it really mean? How does social emotional learning affect students and how can educators be certain that it works? What are the real effects—on real students—of all the things educators do labeled “social-emotional learning”?

Join EdSurge’s panel discussion to learn more about how SEL affects students both inside and outside the classroom. From what the research tells us about SEL to personal anecdotes from real educators, we'll explore the topic from every angle. 

In this webinar, you’ll find:

What the research says about SEL and its effectiveness

How SEL affects the whole child: inside and outside the classroom

How educators can apply SEL to make a real difference in their school or district

Meet our Panelists

Founder & CEO, EdSurge

Betsy previously worked as Executive Editor for technology coverage at Forbes Media and an award-winning staff writer for the Washington Post and Scientific American.

Host: Betsy Corcoran

Senior Research Scientist at the Committee for Children

Mylien Duong, with support from the Institute of Education Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Justice and private foundations, has developed and evaluated psychosocial interventions that promote social-emotional and academic success and prevent and treat mental health problems. In particular, she aims to develop evidence-informed interventions that are multiculturally responsive, feasible for schools to implement and effective at scale.

Mylien Duong

Senior Director of Culture at Alpha Public Schools

Greg co-developed Alpha’s “Personalized Leadership Training” program—an integrated social-emotional learning program with a focus on hands-on practice and leadership development, resulting in a program where students coach, mentor and teach their peers, with adults as facilitators. Greg also coaches school leaders in implementation of positive behavioral supports across the network’s elementary, middle and high schools.

Greg Callaham 

Founder and President of xSEL Labs

Clark McKown is Founder and President of xSEL Labs, an award-winning social scientist and a leading expert on SEL assessments.

Clark McKown

Chief Operating Officer at Collaborative Classroom

Kelly leads dissemination efforts to bring literacy programs integrated with social skills development to over 15,000 new classrooms each year. Previously, Ms. Stuart was a senior research associate at WestEd. While at WestEd, Ms. Stuart launched the U.S. Department of Education’s School Turnaround Learning Community (STLC), an online community for states, districts and schools involved in turnaround efforts.  

Kelly Stuart

Director of Assessment and Continuous Improvement, CASEL

Jeremy J. Taylor is CASEL’s Director of Assessment and Continuous Improvement. In this role, Jeremy oversees a team of professionals that support CASEL’s partner districts across the nation with assessing their implementation of SEL and their student’s social and emotional competencies. He also serves as Project Director for a national workgroup focused on assessment of students’ SEL competencies. 

Jeremy J. Taylor

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