How to Get Measurable Value from Your School’s Tech Infrastructure


School districts are more connected than ever. The latest Infrastructure Survey report from CoSN shows that over 90% of districts have sufficient broadband. So why isn’t everyone using it to generate measurable outcomes?

In EdSurge’s recent webinar a panel of seasoned district-level educators and edtech leaders shared some ways to increase student engagement and garner educator support.

Watch now to learn:

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Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
1pm PT / 4pm ET

Duration: 1 hour

How technology can be used in the classroom to help support learning and productivity

How school leaders can calculate the value of their tech investments

The importance of video when it comes to keeping students engaged (hint: video is key)

The most important metrics to consider when collecting data on your technology (it’s ok to start small)

Meet Our Panelists

Founder & CEO, EdSurge

Betsy is the cofounder and CEO of EdSurge, a well-recognized speaker and edtech industry leader recognized as an industry “influencer” by LinkedIn. She previously worked as Executive Editor for technology coverage at Forbes Media and was an award-winning staff writer for the Washington Post and Scientific American.

Host: Betsy Corcoran

Chief Executive Officer of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

Keith R. Krueger is CEO of CoSN, a nonprofit organization that serves as the voice of K-12 school system technology leaders in North America, empowering educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments. In 2016, Technology and Learning selected Keith as one of the “big 10” most influential people in edtech; the Center for Digital Education calls him a Top 30 Technologist/Transformer/Trailblazer. Keith has a global reputation as a key thought leader and led U.S. delegations to visit Australia, Asia, Europe and South America to examine best practice in ICT in education.

Keith Krueger

Founder, Vivi

Dr. Lior Rauchberger is the founder of Vivi. He practiced medicine for nine years before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. Equally passionate about technology and innovation, Lior has found a way to merge the two. He is the founder of companies that apply new technologies in new ways in health, business and education. This includes Vivi, the educational technology company changing the way students and teachers connect to technology in the classroom.

Lior Rauchberger

Chief Technology Officer, Calcasieu Parish Public School Board (CPSB)

As the CTO for the Calcasieu Parish Public School Board in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dr. Sheryl Abshire has served as a catalyst to initiate the integration of technology throughout the nation and internationally by providing leadership on numerous national, state and district committees focusing on the role of technology and curriculum in changing educational practice. A 40+ year veteran educator for CPSB, she has worked as a school principal, K-5 teacher, a library/media specialist, a classroom teacher and as a university professor.

Sheryl Abshire

Owner/Principal Consultant, Gorbatkin Educational Leadership Services, LLC

Stan Gorbatkin continues to support excellence and innovation in public education after retiring with 34 years of Illinois Public School service. Stan served as a teacher and principal before joining the Indian Prairie School District 204 district-level administrative team, leading the technology strategic planning process from 2010-2018. Currently, Stan serves as an instructor with the Illinois Computing Educators for the ISTE Standards Certification Program while also providing education, technology and leadership consulting services to educational organizations.

Stan Gorbatkin

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