Improving Teacher and Student Engagement through Creativity


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Now more than ever, students need to express themselves and be active participants in real–world, project–based learning, which requires educators to think about teaching in new ways. These changes come from the top, but district leaders face their own challenges in finding and implementing new strategies and best practices across the curriculum.

Ben Forta, author, educator and Senior Director of Education Initiatives at Adobe will be joined by Martha Bongiorno, School Library and Instructional Technology Lead at Fulton County Schools to explore how districts have employed creativity to jumpstart engagement initiatives, such as:

  • Professional development: implementing ongoing, flexible, and personalized programs from self-paced and on-demand PD to dynamic mentoring and bootcamps.
  • Collaboration: enabling teachers and students to participate in creative challenges, activities, and projects that promote a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Community: motivating teachers and trainers to join creative professional learning communities like Adobe’s Creative Educator program to stay engaged, inspired, and supported.

This is the second in a webinar series sponsored by Adobe. Learn more about the other episodes:

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Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm PT / 4:00 pm ET

Duration: 1 hour

Meet Our Panelists

Ben Forta

Author, educator and Senior Director of Education Initiatives,


At Adobe, Ben’s primary focus is K-12 students (and their teachers) with an eye towards digital and visual literacy, creativity in the classroom, and the role that Adobe services and tools play in the future of creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Martha Bongiorno

School Library and Instructional Technology Lead at Fulton County Schools

Martha is a national speaker and presenter, school library activist, and creator of possibilities. With experience in rural and metro communities and in all grade level bands, she is currently serving as a school librarian in Metro Atlanta. Martha supports students and educators by pushing boundaries of traditional education to empower learners as thinkers and creators to make positive change in their communities. With her unique perspective from the heart of the school, she explores how the tapestry of learning is interwoven with literacy, technology, creativity, and student voice.

Host: Carl Hooker

Educational Consultant, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & Writer


Carl Hooker is an educational consultant and speaker from Austin, TX. He is a former teacher and administrator and has written 6 books on mobile learning as well as being a National Faculty Member for Future Ready Schools. He hosts two podcasts and has launched an online course called The Remote Learning Coach for schools and districts looking for assistance when it comes to remote and hybrid learning. His latest book, Ready, Set, Fail! looks at the importance of taking risks in motivating learners and opening up creative pathways. 

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